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Martin Luther had said, “Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree." And yet we continue to justify our destructive actions in the name of development to fell ancient

Tigers are known for their fortitude and power, elephants for their intelligence. Although stories have been told and heard of the two animals having overpowered each other occasionally, they rarely cross paths. The author shares his account of a rare

The challenges posed by photography in Ladakh are layered, just like the winter gear one must don to ward off the seriously sub-zero temperatures on the Changthang plateau. Here’s a lowdown on what you can expect during high-altitude landscape photography,

In a successful joint operation led by Delhi Zoo and Wildlife SOS, a Greater Flamingo bird that was found critically injured has been treated and released in the wild. The bird was returned to its natural habitat & integrated with

Responsibiity to nature and conservation takes the form of eco-volunteering for the author, as he recounts his first experience at a training camp conducted by the forest department of Karnataka and the ecotourism board, followed by his first experience as

It’s time to pause and ponder over our actions and inactions, says conservationists. On World Environment Day, Saevus brings to heartfelt messages by different voices urging everyone to be kind to nature and wildlife.   Sree Nandy CEO and Editor-in-Chief, Saevus   "This World

One of the positive notes during the pandemic and following lockdown was felt in the form of Wilderness Weekend by Teepee Culture. Ranging from mentor-led sessions and webinars to an awe-inspiring panel of experts, with yoga sessions and virtual jungle

It is an unreal and seemingly temporary respite for the chained gentle giants, who form a major tourism attraction in India. Yet, while they get some relief from their daily unnatural drudgery, their fate is still uncertain. Not a soul has

Mammals may not talk like us, but they do communicate with other animals – belonging to same species and others as well – through some ingenious techniques. In fact, they communicate so often, that if we converted these messages into