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Lamenting the destruction we humans carelessly bring upon nature, in return for all the good we receive from it until we suddenly hear a wail as if a dead tree speaks to us. A DEAD TREE SPOKE TO ME      I saw a

A specialised geriatric care routine is the need of the hour for the ageing leopard population of leopards. We shed light on the Leopard Rescue Centre in Junnar, Maharashtra, established by Wildlife SOS where the majestic spotted felines live the

Building Back Better: Understanding the three R’s of Bushfires  The existing climate aberrations and shift in land use patterns have exacerbated numerous climate perils such as drought, heatwaves, floods, and wildfires. It is fair enough to say that these actions have

Revisiting the butterflies of Matheran after 125 years Scientists from the Bombay Natural History Society and Somaiya Vidya Vihar University have published a research paper on the forgotten butterflies of Matheran in the community peer-reviewed ‘Biodiversity Data Journal’. The research paper titled 'Finding the forgotten

As per Chaos Theory, the flapping of a butterfly’s wings somewhere on earth can have long-time repercussions across the globe. Simply put, to have a sustainable self-sufficient ecosystem, all beings and species need to equally survive and flourish. The coronavirus

Ever heard of whale sharks begging for food and playing like adorable puppies? Here is a small anecdote from Cenderawasih Bay in Papua, Indonesia involving playful whale shark and human interaction. Can a 15-meter whale shark ask for food from a

The coral reefs of Lakshadweep have faced two mass bleaching events in the recent past, the second one occurring as recently as in 2010. As the dead coral structures get covered with algae, the associated marine life disappears, and soon

In search of the Nilgiri langurs, elephants, and lion-tailed macaques, the sojourn into the tea estates and rain forest regions of the Valparai range of Anamalai is a memory to cherish for a lifetime, as well as a trigger to

Fossil of elephant calf jaw was discovered from the Siwalik Ranges of Badshahibagh, U. P. A Fossil of jaws of young Elephant calf was discovered in the Badshahibagh area of Shiwalik FD for the first time ever, during field inspection of

This World Elephant Day, raise your voices to ban the practice of wildlife trade, taking responsibility to put an end to the exploitation of wild animals forever. “The days were serene and always enjoyable. I was surrounded by my parents and