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As the sun sets: Taking care of old elephants at Wildlife SOS The Elephant Conservation and Care Centre, Mathura, jointly run by Wildlife SOS and the Uttar Pradesh Forest Department,has been a force to reckon with as the NGO continues to

A team of scientists from Wildlife Institute of India ponder on the green initiatives taken by various state governments, their actual efficacy and potential ways to mitigate the adverse effects of climate change through forest restoration. Climate change is making the

Bhitarkanika National Park in Orissa is famous for its migratory bird sightings, dense mangrove cover and crocodile reserve. It is home to reptiles like Saltwater crocodile (Crocodylus porosus), Indian python, King cobra, and birds such as black ibis, darters and

An already difficult place to access, Botswana may take a further hit to its tourism industry if the country goes back to being a killing ground for its elephants. Botswana is a flat, sparsely populated, land-bound country in southern Africa —

Here is a recap of the best of the best from the year gone by. 2019, while having its ups and downs,  has been a wonderful journey for us, and we invite you to glance again with fondness for the

One of the chief sources of water and livelihood in South India, the Cauvery is both revered and ravaged in equal parts. In this article, we dive into its depths to measure out the incredible biodiversity stored within, even as

There is no denying that wildlife photography has been an effective tool for conservation of wildlife to a certain extent. Although,aggressive wildlife photography, in the intrusive ways it is practiced today, can safely be termed a menace. The boom in

One of the rarest birds of prey in the world, the magnificent Philippine Eagle is not simply a threatened species on the islands, but also an important symbol of biodiversity and wildlife conservation in the country. Like a lovely set of

Duck, duck, goose! Read about bird watching, especially the duck or rather- the anatids, and various other trivia in the first of a double article by Sumit Sen with illustrations by the talented Rohan Chakravarty. Anatids Anatids are distributed worldwide, except for

Opportunistic hunters, kites are frequently seen soaring and circling the skies in search of their prey. These diurnal raptors are the subject of the next in the series of bird life in Nhava. One of the oldest marine institutes in India at