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A mother’s dilemma as witnessed by Sudipta Chakraborty while visiting Pench. Pench - the name evocates the memories of childhood stories from Kipling’s Jungle Book. Home to SherKhan, Mowgli, Bageera and Bhaloo, Pench is steeped in our psyche with feelings of

As we approach Global Tiger Day, Saevus celebrates Tiger Month with all things striped. A recent study was conducted by researchers from WCS India, Wildlife Conservation Trust, Norwegian Institute for Nature Research and Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences. The paper

Often called Chashma bandar by locals, the endangered Phayre’s leaf monkey are often mistaken for the spectacled langurs of the Malay Peninsula. These old-world primates are known for their eating high fibre leaves with some fruits, seeds, flowers, shoots and the occasional

Mumbai's coasts have long been regarded as barren and devoid of life, but this idea has changed over the past few years.  Various citizen-led movements have sprung up across the city that aim to highlight Mumbai's thriving coasts and marine

Creating artificial reef habitats to raise and nurture life in coastal waters is an ongoing success story in the restoration of balance on various coasts across the world, notably Mexico and Japan. Closer home, the Coromandel Coast has also witnessed

Olive Ridleys (Lepidochelys olivacea) are the smallest of all other turtles. They owe their name to the colour of the carapace and skin, which varies from grey to green over different periods of their lives. Our contributors finally realised their

The endangered Irrawaddy Dolphin is found in coastal and freshwater regions in Southeast Asia. Not much is known about these elusive marine mammals, and being able to spot them in their wild is a rare occurrence. Our contributors, Gargi Roy

Pulicat Lake, the second-largest brackish water lagoon, is spread over Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. It supports a plethora of biodiversity, but recent legislations have put the lake and its residents at peril. Our contributor analyses the potential impacts of