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The Red fox is arguably the most handsome of all canids, a creature whose adaptability has earned it a significant presence worldwide. We explore both sides of this beautiful coin, the reasons that it is loved and the cause for

High tension overhead wires poses a serious hazard for the flamingos of Manchlapur Lake. Raichur district of Karnataka state is the home for nearly 250 species of birds. It is also the second home for many migratory birds. Manchlapur Lake, which has

Encountering the enigmatic Green Croaker of Annamalai - Raorchestes jayarami. Raorchestes jayarami, commonly known as Jayaram’s Bush Frog, is one of the many nocturnal residents of the Annamalai Tiger Reserve situated amidst the Western Ghats. While visiting the Annamalai TR on a

Parrots are tropical birds of roughly 393 species of the order Psittaciformes, that can be further subdivided into three super families: the Psittacoidea, the Cacatuoidea, and the Strigopoidea. I have seen about112 species of birds in Nhava Sheva during my

On World Elephant Day, we ponder on the fate of the pachyderm and its interaction wit humans. India is one of the seventeen megadiverse countries of the world. Being home to 7-8% of the world’s recorded species, from top predators such

Tracking the elusive tiger in Pench Wildlife Sanctuary, the famed ‘collarwali’ tigress and her litter is a tale worth sharing. The word ‘tiger’ excites and enthuses most people with the images it conjures up of India’s national animal striding gracefully and

The Nasikabatrachus  sahyadrensis, commonly known as the Purple frog, shared the world with the dinosaurs 70 million years ago. Considered a ‘once-in-a-century’ find, it has established a new frog family, Nasikabatrachidae, and is the solitary representative of the family. The Purple

Masterstroke with Jagdeep Rajput: SAEVUS presents the Portfolio  of a celebrated nature photographer. Jagdeep Rajput Jagdeep Rajput is one of India’s most successful nature photographers and his wildscapes truly reflect his twenty-two year old journey in the natural world. His work has

Things to do for the avid wildlife enthusiast during these monsoon months. Breeding of Oriental dwarf kingfisher in Mumbai. One of the brilliantly colored birds which can be found during one of the typical monsoon walks in Konkan. Do not miss the

The ill-poised fate of the inhabitants of the central Indian forests due to human-animal conflict. On my return to Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve (TATR) early in December 2018, I learnt that one of Chhoti Tara’s sub adult cubs had been electrocuted in