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The underwater world hosts many a mysterious spectacle, but perhaps none are as extraordinary as the Sardine Run. Known as The Greatest Shoal on Earth, the Sardine Run is one of the planet's biggest migrations in terms of biomass. Our

The Earth’s climate has been changing ever since its formation – the effects being felt in its remotest places – and humans have been pushed to adapt to these changes time and again. Our author explores and shares one such

We often relate global warming with disaster and an end to life on Earth. But Global Warming has some positives too. That doesn’t mean that global warming shouldn’t need to addressed with serious actions or at least reduced to sustain

An island with soaring cliffs and breathtaking coastlines with exceptionally unique wilderness where you are sure to spot a koala dozing up a tree seals playing on the beach, frolicking sea lions and of course, kangaroos bouncing around. Free of the

My escapades as a travel and wildlife photographer have taken me to nooks and corners of different countries. However, the magnificence that Antarctica upholds is unparalleled; it’s a region that in spite of its inaccessible terrain, volatile climate and isolation,

Born in 1964, in Oberwolfach in BadenWürttemberg, Germany, Klaus grew up in a family of restaurateurs, and spent 10 years as a chef, before finally finding his calling as a forest ranger in 1988. His involvement in nature conservation largely