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Express train to Taj Mahal promotes elephant protection with Wildlife SOS by supporting the refuse to ride campaign on fast track. For tourists travelling to India, an up-close interaction with an elephant tops their bucket-list of must-have experiences. More often than

A recent scientific study on the Tape seagrass (Enhalus acoroides), which has the longest leaves found in Indian waters and is a major carbon sink in the oceans has been published in the Journal of Threatened Taxa.  A population decline has

Historical ruins, biodiversity and mythology, all come together to make an excursion to the World Heritage site of Hampi and its surrounding forests an experience to cherish for life. When one hears or thinks about Hampi, the picture that generally forms

Life can be interesting as well as calm nestled in the lap of the Himalayas. Landour, looking benignly from above, on the tourist beloved Mussoorie, has an enchanting tale to tell. Thunder rumbles as the clouds sweep in, sealing off the

Unexpected predatory guests with deadly stingers turning up during birding trips are a common experience when at Dandeli Tiger Reserve. It was the second day of the new year 2019. I had woken up at early hours of dawn. The plan

A moonlit night at the southernmost tip of the Indian islands in the company of giant Leatherbacks laying their clutches of eggs on shore, promises to be an experience of a lifetime. The author recounts his adventure of seeing the endangered

A birding trip to Chopta and Tunganath in the Western Himalayan landscape unfolded true gems and memories to treasure for posterity. When I heard of an upcoming birding trip to Chopta, Uttarkhand, my wife and I signed up at once. A

A visit to the vibrant north east including Kaziranga national wildlife sanctuary and Manas National Park charms the first-time visitor. The North-East is possibly the most neglected and least publicized part of India. Tucked away in a corner, a large part

With the largest wildlife reserve in southern Africa and a series of successful conservation stories, Botswana is one of the world’s most iconic wild destinations. Our writer follows the footsteps of legendary explorer Dr David Livingstone on his tour across