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A trip down memory lane when our young guest editor, the 8-year-old Agastya shared his personal experiences of the amazing wildlife he encountered. Before I saw the Gaur in Chitwan National Park of Nepal, I used to think that the Yak

The photography tutorial helps us see the bigger picture i.e. a lesson on learning the deft art of telling stories by capturing landscapes. Our series of articles on photography will remain incomplete without a discussion on a very important genre of

Well-known conservationist Dr. Anish Andheria has been capturing wildlife in his camera for over two decades now. He shares some of his iconic images and views on conservation. Conservation matters After having worked in the field of conservation for more than 25

Tales from the tropical seas continue with the deceptively sedentary life forms from the ocean beds – the starfish, the sea urchins, the sea cucumbers, and other charismatic echinoderms. Many who have travelled to India’s expansive coastline have chanced upon starfishes

The word ecotourism is a highly abused term in today’s world, where one can easily enumerate several establishments that operate with no ideals or ethos of the local communities and environment under the banner of ecotourism. Our author travels to

The arid grasslands of India are home to some amazing wildlife and are yet the most threatened habitats in the country. Our authors, who visited the Blackbuck National Park in the remotely located, pristine grasslands of Velavadar, share the magic

An early morning trip to Hoskote lake led to attending an impromptu concert put on by a Red Munia. This incident occurred one early morning in November 2019. My usual habit of visiting the lakes around Bangalore led me that early

In search of the Nilgiri langurs, elephants, and lion-tailed macaques, the sojourn into the tea estates and rain forest regions of the Valparai range of Anamalai is a memory to cherish for a lifetime, as well as a trigger to

A chance encounter with the matriarch striped feline and her cubs forms a great tale to tell, as the author recounts her experience at tiger sighting in Pench. Alice in wonderland! That's exactly the feeling I have at being in the forest.

Meet the busiest bird in the North-eastern Himalayan region – the Yellow-billed Blue Magpie (Urocissa flavirostris), often referred to as Megma by the locals. A passerine bird of the Corvidae family, this gregarious bird loves to forage noisily in groups