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Natural History

Often considered the eighth continent of our planet, canopies across the world harbour more than 30% of the Earth’s living fauna, and yet remain one of the least studied areas till date, especially in India. In this special feature, two

Each year, millions of birds make arduous journeys spanning thousands of kilometres—from the locations where they breed and raise their young to areas where they spend the harsher seasons. India alone plays host to an estimated hundred species of migratory

Much to everyone’s relief, the monsoon winds have finally found their way to India’s west coast; and alongside us, the wild landscapes in this part of the country are preparing to welcome the rains. We explore the many alterations that

From tiny pipistrelles to large flying foxes, India’s bat population is diverse. Here we feature one of the rarest large bat (Megachiroptera) species in the world endemic to the Indian Territory—the Salim Ali’s fruit bat (Latidens salimalii). What are fruit bats? Look