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The cruel association of snakes with Shravan, the fifth month of the Hindu calendar and the role of unscrupulous saperasor snake-charmers in propagating superstition leads to untold misery for serpents. Come months of July and August and the pavements on roads

Being sensitive and respectful in a National Park, with a dash of common sense is the need of the hour. A lesson in etiquette and decorum while visiting the wild by Shobha Mohan, founder of RARE India. Every time I visit

The next phase of the Wildlife SOS Refuse TO Ride Campaign has taken off and has hit the streets of Jaipur. Jaipur auto rickshaws roll out with ‘Refuse to Ride’ campaign message! In an attempt to educate tourists about the importance

 Within a short span of time, plastic has become the number one polluter of our planet. It is high time we take adequate measures to combat this global menace. Invented in the late 19th century, plastic began to be mass-produced in