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Traveling to nature reserves and wildlife not only inspires many to be photographers, naturalists, bloggers but also brings out poetic skills in some. Asani Bhaduri, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Molecular and Computational Biology, takes to poetry to share his jungle

Endemic and rarely seen, Brown palm civets are nocturnal, arboreal, small carnivores that thrive in the high altitude tropical rain forests of the Western Ghats in India. We present a report from the northernmost part of their range. Growing up in

Shy and elusive, the Assamese macaques are rare to be spotted, nestled in the canopies of the NorthEast. Suhas Paranjpe recounts his rare photo opportunity offered by this animal during his visit to Latpanchor. On our trip to Latpanchor, Darjeeling district,

Strange noises in the dark? Strange lights moving in the forest? It might not be the sinister phenomenon that you think it is! In folklore, a forest is sometimes described as a den where ghosts dwell. And though these are mere

Armed with an artist's intuition and a photographer's technical finesse, Baiju Patil's photo journeys are resplendent with colors and moods that are inspired by nature itself. Bee hovering on a flower Location: Kaas Plateau Camera details: NIKON D700 S/N: 2137132 Lens: 105.0 mm f/2.8

The Houbara Bustard (Chlamydotis undulate), a winter migrant to India, fights declining numbers with conservation management,reintroduced populations and a will to survive. For hundreds of years, falconry and the hunting of the Houbara Bustard are deeply embedded in Arabian culture and

Tracking the elusive tiger in Pench Wildlife Sanctuary, the famed ‘collarwali’ tigress and her litter is a tale worth sharing. The word ‘tiger’ excites and enthuses most people with the images it conjures up of India’s national animal striding gracefully and

Spotting the spotted feline had never been so easy and so pleasurable. Welcome to Bera, where leopards roam free amongst the villages of shepherds. Bera, a small village in Pali district of Rajasthan, is located around 140 km from the lake

God’s creations come in all sizes. Be it the mighty towering giraffe, or the cane toad, differing sizes result in differing survival techniques. Adapting to their surroundings, these animals have mastered the art of procuring food while battling adverse situations

The Rusty spotted cat (Prionailurusrubiginosus), one of the smallest of the feline family, is found only in India, Sri Lanka and the terai region of Nepal. It is listed as Near Threatened in the IUCN Red list. A growing population, expanding