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The author speaks about his accidental encounter with the Barn owl and how he was mesmerised by its resplendent beauty. The light of the sun was diffused by thin layer of clouds. Fresh leaves wore a more saturated look. A mixture of crumbled

A little time and curiosity towards nature and its animals helps us to connect with their lifestyle and behavioural patterns, here the author speaks about the discovery of traits of the most common bird -the sparrow   Tweet tweet who’s there? Sparrows at

They say a tiger’s hunt is an amazing thing to behold – an adrenalin rushed experience where you can feel the emotions of both the predator and the prey. Hemant Krishnani recalls the day when he saw the scene unfold

A mother’s dilemma as witnessed by Sudipta Chakraborty while visiting Pench. Pench - the name evocates the memories of childhood stories from Kipling’s Jungle Book. Home to SherKhan, Mowgli, Bageera and Bhaloo, Pench is steeped in our psyche with feelings of

A must-read for all children aged 7 and up,the book Sita’s Chitwan — Not Just a Walk in Nepal’s First National Park  by author Vaishali Shroff, is a delight for nature lovers and novices alike.   Welcome to Chitwan National Park! As big

Travelling to the wildlands of Indian wilderness is a moving experience especially if you get to capture in-frame nature at its best. The Stag at Twilight   The sun was setting on the meadows of the Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve as I was

Exotic weeds from Central and South America that eat up and smother aquatic habitats in Assam, and how to combat them. Assam is a blessed land—the rainfall is copious and the mighty Brahmaputra and many of its tributaries flow through the

One of the largest and most ecologically significant groups of organisms, diatoms are exquisite micro fossils found abundantly across the earth, and blessed with innumerable distinct characteristics, some of which scientists are still trying to unravel. If you find yourself in

The Coppersmith Barbet (Psilopogonhae macephalus) owes it’s nomenclature to its metronomic call, similar to the sound of a coppersmith striking metal with hammer. Sometime in 2019, a chef from the cooking department at the Marine Institute in Nhava Sheva, had rescued