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The plight of the Forest Guards in our National Parks has often been ignored or forgotten. The very survival of the denizens of the wild depends on their commitment and dedication. The Wildlife Warrior Awards by HCMF is a step

An HCMF Special Newsletter on Covid-19 : The author urges that wet animal markets be permanently closed down because the next virus could pose an even greater existential threat. In December 2019, the world was hit with an unprecedented deadly virus

A Study Conducted On The Man-Animal Interactions As Asiatic Lion Numbers Increase In Gir National Park And Its Adjoining Areas. The setting: Lion-tales Large carnivore populations are a rarity and saving them is a key conservation directive. Sadly, these mighty and fierce

INTRODUCTION RELIGIOUS STRUCTURES IN PROTECTED AREAS: SIGNIFICANCE IN THE CONSERVATION SCENARIO Most of the Protected Areas (PAs) in India have religious monuments/ installations which see an influx of visitors throughout the year and peak numbers during festivals. In most of these PAs,