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Many of us aspire to be wildlife photographers, whether as hobbyists or professionals. This genre of photography does not come easy. First of all, you need to spend lots of time in the outdoors, in different habitats and often expend

Most of us find a soulful connect with the wilderness, in some or other way. Personally, I feel the connection strong enough that often pulls me into the dense, mysterious world of wildlife. A visit to forest works as an energy

Winters in Mumbai may not be long or cold in the true sense, but they are definitely eventful. Not only does winter mean pleasant mornings with a nip in the air and an opportunity to down endless cups of hot

Prolific photographer, Hira Punjabi uses subtle nuances in his art along with a deep empathy towards the wild, to showcase Indian natural history in its unforgettable hues.   HIRA PUNJABI An international, award-winning photographer from Mumbai, Hira Punjabi’s love for nature began right

My escapades as a travel and wildlife photographer have taken me to nooks and corners of different countries. However, the magnificence that Antarctica upholds is unparalleled; it’s a region that in spite of its inaccessible terrain, volatile climate and isolation,

From A to M – this often describes the full-circle journey of a photographer, and the essence of photographic expertise. Read the right way, it translates to “from Automatic to Manual”. Whether a first-time photographer, or a seasoned moment-capturer, it

Wildlife Photography is one the very exciting fields of photography simply because it captures one of the most dynamic elements of nature- wild flora and fauna. Mother Nature is full of splendor, with her fair shares of idiosyncrasies and anecdotes.

Many of us have been there, done that, scouting the jungles for subjects of interest with our bazookas and battalion of cameras! Many are in the relentless quest to capture that perfect shot of the subjects that we revere, often

Bears are marvelous! I cannot imagine not eating for a single day—my size should testify to that—and it has always amazed me how huge animals like bears hibernate during the winter, surviving solely on the reserves accumulated during warmer months. Yet, their strength and power can be compared