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Olympic National Park is an international biosphere reserve and a world heritage site with a huge temperate rainforest, one of the most spectacular examples of temperate rainforests in the world. Located in the United States of America, Washington, the park is

My heritage has been my grounding, and it has brought me peace.   -Maureen O Hara   Such is the importance of one’s heritage, as aptly stated by this famous Irish actress. Did you know that there is even a World Heritage Day, also

The entrance to the Keoladeo National Park or the Bharatpur bird sanctuary as it is popularly known is so mundane that the first-time visitor wonders what the brouhaha about the park is all about and whether its world-wide fame is

Clouds kiss the tree-line and rhododendron blooms Moss covers the ghostly trees is where the phantom looms… My journey into to the fascinating world of wildlife photography started with photographing birds many years back. It was a very natural choice as l

Rolling hills. Sprawling tea estates. The aroma of Nilgiri oil. A piping hot cuppa while overlooking the lush greens of tea leaves. Life away from urban chaos. This lesser-known tea-haven is known to provide the perfect nature getaway for urban

Have you ever been to a studio with open skies and cameras positioned on tree barks and gravels? Yes, nature’s own photo studio. I am talking about one of the most tranquil birding sites of India - Sattal, Uttrakhand. Nature’s

The plane banked right, then left. Snow-clad Khangchendzonga beckoned on the left. My eyes were more fixated on the Himalayan foothills on either side between which our plane weaved as if it were in an auto rickshaw negotiating an over-crowded

Like in other parts of the Himalayas, winter makes the mountains of western Arunachal Pradesh wear a special garb. The ridges and valleys explode in a riot of fall colours, in various shades of rufous, brown, chestnut and greys, contrasted

A park named thus due to the absence of cicadas in the forest, we take you inside Silent Valley National Park in search of its many wonders, including the Lion-tailed macaque (Macaca silenus), the park’s flagship species. So dense are