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Climate change is forcing nomad communities of Ladakh valleys to settle down and accept a new way of living – an interesting observation by Joydip Mitra. Their valley was never green, and the greenery in their valley was never improbable.

Situated at an altitude of 5,029 m (16,499 ft) in Uttarakhand and lying in the lap of the Trishul massif, is Roopkund. Call it ‘Mystery Lake’, ‘Skeleton Lake’ or simply a mountaineers’ paradise; Roopkund is a lake that never runs

An island with soaring cliffs and breathtaking coastlines with exceptionally unique wilderness where you are sure to spot a koala dozing up a tree seals playing on the beach, frolicking sea lions and of course, kangaroos bouncing around. Free of the

There is an unspoken bond between a lensman and his subjects in the wildlife. Wildlife Photographer Alijah Mohammad shares his pain on the shocking death of a tigress and disappearance of her cubs. It was in late April, when Jr. Kankati,

Winter is coming! Well, it’s already here, this time for real and not just in the make-believe world. And it brings with it something very real and palpable to enjoy- winter wildlife. As our tropical country gets ready to get

After completing my 1st year in Masters in wildlife sciences I had summer vacation of 2 months, so I decided to do some kind of internship during these holidays and applied for a one in the Himalayan region. The project

“It’s better if you take a cab,” suggested the young American tourist, “unless of course, you want to trek another five kilometers,” she added with a smile. She was reading a paperback in the faint glow of the bonfire. Back

The dark nights of the Dark Continent: Africa; are really horrifying, especially in central and Eastern parts of the continent, in countries like Kenya and Tanzania. These Grasslands are home to various dangerous and endangered species of wildlife. There must

My escapades as a travel and wildlife photographer have taken me to nooks and corners of different countries. However, the magnificence that Antarctica upholds is unparalleled; it’s a region that in spite of its inaccessible terrain, volatile climate and isolation,