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A small nondescript village in the hearts of Ganjam district of Odisha is home to numerous herds of Blackbuck, and their protectors, the lion-hearted native villagers of Bhetnoi. “Chaliye Sir, ab woh mast mood me milenge,” (Come along Sir, we’ll get

Capturing our imagination since centuries, the striking beauty and formidable presence of icebergs in vast ocean vistas often translate into stunning photographs from an other-worldly landscape. As one of 70 photographers from all over the globe, I was on the Joseph

Saline desert plains, arid grasslands, and a thorny, rocky landscape – the Little Rann of Kutch plays host to the largest wildlife sanctuary in India, the Wild Ass Sanctuary while being the home of a variety of avifauna. Govind Bhattacharjee

Wild stretches of grassland, abundant wildlife, enthusiastic guides and amazing photo-opportunities to capture in the frame the stately Blackbuck. Welcome to Velavadar National Park, often ignored by the hordes of tourists and home to the Blackbuck- the Indian antelope. Velavadar National

A little hamlet, nestled in the Kumaoni region of the Himalayas, Chalni Cheena offers a varied range of avifauna to pique the interest of even the most jaded traveller. Somewhere near Almora and on the way to Pithoragarh, lies the quiet

A lot can happen in Latpanchar, reiterates Anindita Das, as she recounts her journey to the sleepy hamlet in remote northern West Bengal in search of avian splendour. Thirteen kilometres from Siliguri in northern West Bengal, is Sukna, from where begins

Ask a traveller about North-east India and you will hear gushing reports of ‘paradise unexplored’, ‘mesmerising mountainous terrain’ and ‘mighty rivers’. Shivakumar L brings to you the tales of nature’s marvellous engineering from the land of the Khasi and Garo

With its beautiful waters, extensive coral reefs and abundant marine life, Bali offers some of the finest diving opportunities in the world. At the crack of dawn, the world below is a different place. As we descend deeper, my eyes get

Nestled in the lush green mountain-forests of Bwindi, the silverback gorillas dwell in their own world away from the reaches of modern civilisation. It was my longtime wish to meet the mountain gorillas in their natural habitat. As is common to

About 20km west of Kohima is the idyllic village of Khonoma, home to the famed Angami Nagas of war-lore, and equally fiercely famous as protectors of the soil and its avifauna inhabitants. The love that the Angami Nagas hold for their