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When centuries old rainforests give way to tea plantations and human settlements, a troupe of wholly arboreal monkeys set aside their natural behaviour to adapt to this changing landscape. Our team of Trailblazers brings you the story of the endangered

The state of Tamil Nadu has a wide and varied range and variety of vegetation. From mountainous rain, backwoods to dry deciduous forests, and thistle bush woodlands to tropical dry broadleaf timberlands, along with salt-swamps and mangroves, the state has

Awareness and knowledge of the importance of conservation of wildlife and nature are still absent in a major portion of India’s backward class. Here is the sorry tale of an untimely demise of a  Common Flame-back woodpecker. As per my usual

These algae-eating flamboyant genderfluid fish abound in the shallow waters across the world. Welcome to the world of the parrotfish, with about 95 species of parrotfishes found in the Indo-pacific coral reefs and shallow sea-grass beds. Take the beak of a

Extensive and complex population surveys of the Critically Endangered Gharials in the Corbett Protected Area over six years have revealed surprisingly heartening results. After going nearly extinct in 1974, the park is now home to the third largest breeding population

A chance sighting of an unidentified bird leads to a surprising discovery for the author. The birds are roughly 17 cm long and breed in open scrubby area including agricultural land. The females lay three to five eggs in a nest

Two unique amphibians found nowhere else in the world are gradually losing their only homes due to rampant developmental and human activities within their restricted ranges. The forested hills of the northern Western Ghats, closer to the southern border of Maharashtra,

Three friends and their learning journey on a research trip to the wilds and barren flats of Talchhapar. On a hot summer night in Delhi, three young friends, full of enthusiasm, boarded the bus for Chhapar. A small town in Churu

The Pathogenic Fungus on the Cicada infects and kills the insect. Milind Vachhani recounts his experience of research from their recently travelled photography tour at Agumbe Rainforest Research Station with Vipul Ramanuj (Wildark) in July 2018. Many cicada species suffer from fungal

Remembering King Julien and his band of merry lemurs in the Disney movie Madagascar. Here is an account of Dr Mita Nandy’s journey to Madagascar, the land of surprises and amazing creatures. Following the dictates of my passion to explore the