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Capturing our imagination since centuries, the striking beauty and formidable presence of icebergs in vast ocean vistas often translate into stunning photographs from an other-worldly landscape. As one of 70 photographers from all over the globe, I was on the Joseph

The Indian peacock softshell turtle (Nilssonia hurum) belongs to the Trinochydae family and is a large riverine species found in rivers and reservoirs in Northern and Central India. The authors recount their surprised delight to have found one of this

Wild stretches of grassland, abundant wildlife, enthusiastic guides and amazing photo-opportunities to capture in the frame the stately Blackbuck. Welcome to Velavadar National Park, often ignored by the hordes of tourists and home to the Blackbuck- the Indian antelope. Velavadar National

Despite rampant bleaching in the coral reefs of Lakshwadeep, certain species of butterflyfish have displayed remarkable survival skills. By adapting their foraging habits and dietary preferences, these resilient beauties have made the best of this rather grim situation. The gentle blue

One of the best safari destinations worldwide, Etosha National Park in Namibia offers a spectacular view of the vast Etosha pan, a vast saline desert and its varied inhabitants. According to a San legend from southern Africa, thousands of years ago,

The Creature Feature aims to introduce you to an inhabitant of the Indian Ocean every month. Many of these creatures live not far offshore from some of our favourite beachside destinations. Let’s find out a little more about them. Butterflyfish are

A lot can happen in Latpanchar, reiterates Anindita Das, as she recounts her journey to the sleepy hamlet in remote northern West Bengal in search of avian splendour. Thirteen kilometres from Siliguri in northern West Bengal, is Sukna, from where begins

Virtually unknown to tourists and outsiders, the tiny beach town of Motwa along the Gulf of Kutch is home to a wide variety of gulls, plovers, egrets, herons and several other striking species of coastal avifauna, which flock in huge

Lush evergreen forests, tall canopied trees, the call of apes in the air, and sometimes, a surprise glimpse of the gentle giant elephants during their snack break – welcome to a misty morning at Hoollongapar Gibbon Sanctuary. A first time visitor

Continuing our coverage of state Trees and Flowers across the country, we bring you the flagship flora of Jharkhand. Jharkhand literally translates to ‘the land of the forests’. The state has amazing diversity in terms of culture, tradition and of course,