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The state of Uttarakhand is one of the richest in India in bio-diversity. The state capital, Dehradun district comes under the Shivalik hills at the base of the Himalayas and for the most part, is covered by forest (except the

I entered the Dhikala zone from the Dhangadi gate and lost mobile network, which I desperately needed to check the climate conditions for the upcoming dates of my safaris… The sky was clear, but I feared it could rain in

Many a wildlife lover have been caught up in the allure of the stripes. It would not be an overstatement to assign the tagline “No one can see just one”, we often see those who have spotted a tiger in

  This year I have seen the same wave of feathers, rather a larger wave of black & white feathers, circling the blue sky. Last year in August, I visited the sanctuary and witnessed the largest migration of Asian Openbill Storks

Did you know that certain plants too can accurately forecast weather?  Unlike us, they do it without computers and other instruments. One such plant is the Silver Oak tree.  When a storm is about to approach, they flip over their leaves,

If you were to examine all the Octopuses (name comes from the Greek word, októpus, meaning "eight foot) in the sea, you would be surprised to find that some of them have fewer than eight tentacles – perhaps five or

As the winter-scapes descend on the scintillating slopes of the Himalayas, a silent transformation of these remote vistas takes place. The chirpiness of spring birds gives way to the whoosh-whoosh of snow-swirls. To some, this may seem like an annihilation

A trip to the jungle is usually about the excitement of having predictable sightings. Dr. Animesh Talukdar, Wildlife Veterinarian shares an unusual experience of being surprised by the unexpected.   After a long discussion, my dissertation topic was finalized on one of

Witness Kipling’s Jungle Book moments come alive at Pench. Spread over 1,100-odd square kilometres, Pench Tiger Reserve holds not just a healthy tiger population today, but has successfully maintained most of its old charm; thus allowing one to experience Rudyard Kipling’s

At a time when big cat populations face a steady decline, we explore the myriad traditions of tiger worship across parts of India and their significance in understanding complex aspects of animal-human relationships in the country. One morning, we were whizzing