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Toadstools and gnomes can be found in quite a few fairy tales and folktales across the world. While some can be edible or have medicinal properties, most of the wild mushrooms found are harmful for human consumption if ingested… July /

Apart from being the original home of the European bison, Poland’s Białowieža National Park forms a part of the continent’s last and most ancient primary forest complex, a trans-boundary zone of extraordinary biodiversity, much of which has remained untouched for

The discovery of a new species of flower is a great achievement. We bring to you a report from the field. “Is this flower even real?” was my first reaction when Dr L Rasingam showed it to us. Dr Rasingam, Senior

Folktales and lore have many references to frogs and toads – all less than complimentary.  We bring to you a different perspective of the importance of frogs in the ecosystem. Amboli is a small village located in southern Maharashtra, close to

Predators- the beasts who are feared like none other. Those with one ace up their sleeves to deliver death to the unlucky. Man has long since been mesmerized by the beasts of the wild who have day in and day

As the famous poem by Kofi Awoonor states, the weaver bird does preach salvation and teaches us to hope to see the wonderful creation of its nests of artistry. While you might chance upon a sparrow in the urban scenario, the

Some of the largest immobile molluscs of the world are the longest living creatures of the coral reef. They are the greatest treasures of the deep – the giant clams. Known to live between 60 to 200 years, they provide

An iconic species from the wetlands of India, the elegant Sarus Crane is not just the world’s tallest flying bird—it is also the only non-migratory crane that resides and breeds exclusively in the country. Once an unmistakable sight across northwest

The giant mountains, the dim auroral glow, the glinting mist and the cacophony of birds makes the forested banks of the 185-km long river Kali in the Western Ghats, a nature lover’s paradise. I have spent a large part of my

Bold, buoyant and beautiful, Vijaya—like all striped kings and queens of Bandhavgarh—was a favourite among shutterbugs during her days of glory. A lensman fondly remembers the fiery tigress. Just before the monsoon of 2010, four-year-old Vijaya—who had so far lived peacefully in