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Yogendra Kurghode
- Panvel
About Myself:
By profession I am marine engineer & pursuing wild life photography as my hobby.
Amitava Banerjee.
- Kolkata
Rekha Bhosale
- Pune
About Myself:
I'm a Pune-based wildlife photographer. I love to travel the length and breadth of India in search of capturing the wild beauty of the country. It was my affection towards birds that made me find an inclination within me towards wildlife photography
Dr Nilesh Marmat
- New Delhi
Nabarun Majumdar
- N 24 Parganas
Sai Chander Kanimetta
- Hyderabad
About Myself:
I am working as Investment Consultant. An amateur wildlife photographer. Love to see Wildlife, Love to see our National Animal in their habitat. Love bird watching and also a big fan of Elephants.
Trikansh Sharma
- Rishikesh
Sneha Shekhawat
- Coonoor
About Myself:
Having grown in the foothills of Himalayas in Uttarakhand, I have developed extreme fondness for nature and photographing the natural beauty surrounding us gives me immense happiness.
Santosh Mulik
- Pune


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