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Sudipta Chakraborty
- Kolkata
About Myself:
Always keen to explore new places specially forests all over the world. I would like to find out the hidden wild stories of the animals through my pictures.
Roshan More
- Vashi, Navi Mumbai
About Myself:
I am working as Investment Consultant. An amateur wildlife photographer. Love to see Wildlife, Love to see our National Animal in their habitat. Love bird watching and also a big fan of Elephants.
Rajdeep Deb Purkayastha
- Agartala
Tapash Roy
- Kolkata
Yogendra Kurghode
- Panvel
About Myself:
By profession I am marine engineer & pursuing wild life photography as my hobby.
Dr Nilesh Marmat
- New Delhi
Narayanan Iyer
- Navi Mumbai
About Myself:
Nature and wildlife photography is my passion. I love to bring the joys of animal kingdom thru images and tell those unseen and unheard stories to the people around me to create awareness which in turn lead to conserving the species.
Nabarun Majumdar
- N 24 Parganas
About Myself:
A software developer by profession with a keen interest in observing Mother Nature and capture the essence of her beauty.
Viraj Vijay Athalye
- Ratnagiri


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