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Soham Chakraborty
- Ghaziabad
About Myself:
An avid wildlife photographer.
- Ranaghat, Nadia
Soumik Biswas
- Kolkata
About Myself:
A corporate sector professional for the last 12 years. Have been an avid traveler and love to capture the beauty of nature through my lens.
Tapash Roy
- Kolkata
Yogendra Kurghode
- Panvel
About Myself:
By profession I am marine engineer & pursuing wild life photography as my hobby.
Nabarun Majumdar
- N 24 Parganas
About Myself:
A software developer by profession with a keen interest in observing Mother Nature and capture the essence of her beauty.
Nayana Mitter
- Gurgaon
About Myself:
When I'm not working, I'm travelling - more often than not to wildlife reserves in India and abroad. Photography is a hobby, developed despite having no formal training, that helps me capture on film the many wonderful experiences I had
Dr.Lalit Mohan
- Shimla
Augestin Jaya Kumar
- Thiruvallur
Ashutosh Ganage
- Gurgaon
About Myself:
I am a Telecom professional, who loves to capture the moments by travelling to different places. Jungles, streets, architectural wonders fascinate me the most. Whenever I can, I steal time from the corporate life to enter "My world".


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