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- Pune
About Myself:
Passionate nature lover and to be outdoors and tremendously interested in capturing and documenting Avian fauna. Presently working as Assistant Professor in Life-Sciences at Pune,Maharashtra.
Abhik Basu
- Epping
Arijit Sarker
- Kolkata
About Myself:
I am a career banker who has been enthusiastic about conservation and conservation photography from early 2000 .... also a certified diver from RAID and a life member of Bombay Natural History Society.
Shivayogi Kanthi
- Pune
About Myself:
An avid traveler and a bird photography freak who enjoys nature and maintains a bucket list of species, places, and seasons to be covered..
Augestin Jaya Kumar
- Thiruvallur
- Ranaghat, Nadia
Nishand Venugopal
- Delhi
About Myself:
Worked previously with CNN - NEWS18 as a Producer. Currently working on a website which combines pictures, literature and works related to conservation and animal kingdom.Nature Photographer, Writer.
Nayana Mitter
- Gurgaon
About Myself:
When I'm not working, I'm travelling - more often than not to wildlife reserves in India and abroad. Photography is a hobby, developed despite having no formal training, that helps me capture on film the many wonderful experiences I had
Nabarun Majumdar
- Birati
Indrajeet Singh
- Khanapur
About Myself:
Passionate about bird photography. Have been photographing birds since 1990.


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