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Rekha Bhosale
- Pune
About Myself:
I'm a Pune-based wildlife photographer. I love to travel the length and breadth of India in search of capturing the wild beauty of the country. It was my affection towards birds that made me find an inclination within me towards wildlife photography
Augestin Jaya Kumar
- Thiruvallur
About Myself:
I have a keen interest in Nature and conservation.
I have participated in bird census in many of the important bird areas. I am a featured author for Outlook-Traveller and more reputed names.
Ashutosh Ganage
- Gurgaon
About Myself:
I am a Telecom professional, who loves to capture the moments by travelling to different places. Jungles, streets, architectural wonders fascinate me the most. Whenever I can, I steal time from the corporate life to enter "My world".
Dr.Dilip Shah
About Myself:
This is Dr.Dilip Shah and i am a practising Diabetologist in the city of Mumbai.
my passion for nature and wildlife photography started in 2009 and is growing eversince.
Soham Chakraborty
- Ghaziabad
About Myself:
An avid wildlife photographer.
Roshan More
- Vashi, Navi Mumbai


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