India’s marine life loses a large number of sea turtles and their eggs every year on the coast of Odisha and West Bengal. Kaushik Mukhopadhyay urges the conservationists to implements policies and processes to protect

An island with soaring cliffs and breathtaking coastlines with exceptionally unique wilderness where you are sure to spot a koala dozing up a tree seals playing on the beach, frolicking sea lions and of course,

Surviving in the wild is a challenge all animals have to cleverly manage.   Some literally hide in plain sight, incredibly camouflaging themselves, some animals not only evade danger but may also become a danger themselves

The world of wildlife is highly dynamic- a process of generation and extinction, some of it nature-made and much man-made. But even as conservationists and environmentalists shout out loud about the diminishing species, there lies

Mother Nature has her own ways of providing food to each species present on earth. Indranil Bannerjee shares one such unique mechanism of survival in the insect world. Eucharitid Wasps are probably the most fashionable parasitic

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Nature has many hidden secrets, many of them not as hidden as they seem. One just needs

My escapades as a travel and wildlife photographer have taken me to nooks and corners of different

Winter is coming! Well, it’s already here, this time for real and not just in the make-believe

After completing my 1st year in Masters in wildlife sciences I had summer vacation of 2 months,

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Black Rhinos are classified as “Critically Endangered” species as per the IUCN Red List and as on

Small Wonders

Mother Nature has her own ways of providing food to

A Passion for Butterflies Butterflies have always amazed me, with their

Among the great variety of collective activities performed by social


  The verdant greens abound, As the pitter patter of raindrops surrounds, In

“Sir,Tiger!” screams Deepak, our Driver cum Guide, to the open-top

An earnest plea from the residents of Jamnagar towards protecting


Prolific photographer, Hira Punjabi uses subtle nuances in his art

Nestled in the high altitude region of Arunachal Pradesh, Eaglenest

Mother Nature has her own ways of providing food to

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