Not too long ago, all the major river systems in the Indian subcontinent were occupied by a unique crocodilian suited specially for life in smooth, flowing rivers and preying on fish. Once distributed across Pakistan,

How a photography trip ended as a lesson on what to avoid in farming I once happened to visit Dighal wetlands, Haryana for Bird Photography. After spending the entire day on-field, it was late when I

Plans are colorful, they never hit the reality. You can add as many colours as you can.Yes, just splash, soak your plans in colour and make it more vibrant. This is how it started on a

Olympic National Park is an international biosphere reserve and a world heritage site with a huge temperate rainforest, one of the most spectacular examples of temperate rainforests in the world. Located in the United States of

The entrance to the Keoladeo National Park or the Bharatpur bird sanctuary as it is popularly known is so mundane that the first-time visitor wonders what the brouhaha about the park is all about and

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An entry to the #WeLoveSaevus video contest by Hardik Rathod

Covering an area around five percent of India's land but with 27% of all species of higher

The Western Ghats is an ancient mountain range that runs along the west coast of India from

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