From gigantic granite walls and thundering waterfalls to emerald green valleys and giant sequoias reaching for the skies, Yosemite is undoubtedly a celebrity amongst national parks in the United States. Inspiring a perpetual sense of

The Indian Chameleon(Chamaeleo zylanicus) is found commonly in Sri Lanka, India and parts of South-east Asia and belongs to the Chamaeleonidae family of reptiles. Its head has a distinct bony projection, like a helmet, and

As part of Indo-Myanmar biodiversity hotspot, Meghalaya’s South Garo Hills district is one of the best regions to spot butterflies in India, with more than 300 species to its name and still counting. When you’re welcomed

Remembering King Julien and his band of merry lemurs in the Disney movie Madagascar. Here is an account of Dr Mita Nandy’s journey to Madagascar, the land of surprises and amazing creatures. Following the dictates of

Offering us a glimpse into his outdoor installation at Santiniketan, West Bengal, renowned sculptor Ashish Ghosh discusses how his art strives to highlight the delicate balance in nature and its precarious position in today’s world. As

Take a walk down the memory lane with Dr AJT Johnsingh to travel the wild and majestic grandeur that Alaska has to offer. Come and experience the rush of flying in a Cesna over the

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Covering an area around five percent of India's land but with 27% of all species of higher

The Western Ghats is an ancient mountain range that runs along the west coast of India from

An entry to the #WeLoveSaevus video contest by Hardik Rathod

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