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Life’s many mysteries could be unravelled by simply observing nature. A forest fire though alarming and scary, dies down eventually; the tree of life being reborn from its ashes. Our author talks of one such forest fire at Nagla and

Barren Island in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands could be considered a bit of a misnomer, as it supports a thriving ecosystem underwater. Its marine diversity is little understood, and the area is full of mysterious, unexplored sites that are

Northern Maldives is renowned for its Manta Ray cleaning stations. Uniquely, Manta Rays visit at night too, enticed by the plankton attracted to the lights on live-aboard boats. Our contributor had lived in a boat on the open ocean for

The underwater world hosts many a mysterious spectacle, but perhaps none are as extraordinary as the Sardine Run. Known as The Greatest Shoal on Earth, the Sardine Run is one of the planet's biggest migrations in terms of biomass. Our

Pitch darkness, sporadic food and isolation from the outside world - could such an environment ever support life? It most certainly can, as Shivam Shrotriya's incredible account of caves in Chhatisgarh shows us!  I was standing alone near a rock formation

The photography tutorial helps us see the bigger picture i.e. a lesson on learning the deft art of telling stories by capturing landscapes. Our series of articles on photography will remain incomplete without a discussion on a very important genre of

Spread over 1,400+ sq. km., the Satpura Tiger Reserve comprises the Satpura National Park and Panchmarhi and Bori Wildlife Sanctuaries. A conservation success, Satpura’s forested hills not only house the magnificent tiger, but an amazing array of wildlife as well,

The word ecotourism is a highly abused term in today’s world, where one can easily enumerate several establishments that operate with no ideals or ethos of the local communities and environment under the banner of ecotourism. Our author travels to