Jungle Jaunts

Masterstroke with Jagdeep Rajput: SAEVUS presents the Portfolio  of a celebrated nature photographer.

Jagdeep Rajput

Jagdeep Rajput is one of India’s most successful nature photographers and his wildscapes truly reflect his twenty-two year old journey in the natural world. His work has been highly acclaimed all around the globe.

In Jagdeep’s own words “What means most to me isn’t necessarily capturing the image as much as being part of the natural world … even if … only for the moment. I strongly feel, if a connection is made with that moment in time, the end result is achieved.,”



His repertoire of awards is as formidable as his work. Here is a partial list:

  • ‘Specially Commended’ in competition, organized by BBC and Natural History Museum, London in 1992
  • Awarded Honorable Mention in National Geographic Traveler’s Eighth Annual Photo Contest in 1996, USA.
  • ‘Highly Honored Winner’ in 2005, 2007, 2009 & 2010 Nature’s Best Photography Awards Competition


Flying Blue Bull For Ranger Rick

Looks like the bull has got wings but actually there is a crane behind the Blue bull. The cranes also share their habitat with the Nilgai / Blue bull.

Flying Blue bull

Inside The Security Ring

The calves  in the herd are often protected by female members of the herd as the young ones  possess  a great threat from the predators and male bull elephants.

Inside the security ring



Royal Bengal Tigers Play

To the  normal eye it appears  to be a fight between two sub – adult tigers. Though a solitary animal and a loner ,the siblings from the same mother tiger show  social interaction. This playful behavior is actually a learning in disguise where both the siblings are learning the survival tactics in the wild.

Royal Bengal Tigers play-fighting


Great Hornbill In Flight

The Great Hornbill (Bucerosbicornis) also known as Great Indian Hornbill or Great Pied Hornbill, is one of the larger members of the hornbill family. They are important dispersers of many forest tree species. Tribesmen use their feathers for head-dresses, and their skulls are often worn as decorations.

Great Hornbill in flight


Breaking The Glass Shell

Saras Crane (Grusantigone) one of the Largest Non – Migratory bird found in India.  The future of the Indian Sarus Crane is closely tied to the quality of small wetlands in India that experience heavy human use, such as high rates of sewage inflow, extensive agricultural runoff, high levels of pesticide residues, and intensification of agricultural systems.  Did you know that the Sarus Crane is the tallest flying bird!

Breaking the glass shell


Elephants On The Ramganga Riverbed

Herd of elephants seen on the Ramganga River Bed having a dust bath. This is a common behavior seen in elephants and a  natural way of cleansing themselves of parasites, sunburn and keeping  off insects.

Elephants on the Ramganga riverbed



Male Tiger In The Ramganga River

Of all the wild cats, tigers are known for their love of water they can swim well.

Male Tiger in the Ramganga river



Fighting Over A Kill

Competition in the wild is a common factor for survival, this image takes us back to the Darwin’s “ Origin of species” where he talks about “SURVIVAL  OF THE FITTEST”. A distinct behavior showing threat display by exposing the canines. It appears that one is saying to the other “BACK OFF ITS MINE”.

Fighting over a kill

This version of Masterstroke first appeared in the 2012 May-June edition of Saevus magazine.

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