It is a season of wildfires. After the Amazon, wildfires are raging rampant in Lebanon and Syria. People residing in the villages south of Beirut had to be evacuated in the middle of the night as the out-of-control wildfires advanced to the residential areas. The fire department and the fire engines were ill-equipped to control the ravaging flames in the Mount Lebanon region, resulting the Interior Ministry to send the state’s riot police with water cannons to curb the raging flames. Helicopters were swung into action, sent by the neighbouring nation of Cyprus. It is being guessed that a heat wave hitting the region and strong winds helped intensify the advancing flames in the dry deciduous pine forests of Lebanon and three provinces in the neighboring country of Syria.


As reported by the Times of India

Image credits : TheNewArab

Image caption : Wildfires spread across Lebanon as government is accused of neglect

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