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Finding Myself In Nature

Tears in my eyes,

And grief in my heart,

I was ripped inside,

I was lost somewhere…


I traversed deep into the woods as deep as my wounds.

I saw a flying jewel,

Shimmering with colours and hovering over flowers.

I chased it and started fluttering like a butterfly.









I moved ahead,

Heard the melodious symphony of a feathered songster,

Hidden in the dense canopy.

I hummed and started singing like a bird.


I moved ahead,

Got a whiff of the wild roses in the way.

It enriched my senses and enlightened my soul,

And I started blooming like a flower again.









I kept moving ahead,

I tasted the luscious wild berries,

filled with the essence of ambrosia,

and I started becoming sweeter again.









I kept moving ahead, ahead and ahead,

It was dark and cold and I was worn out.

I felt the warmth of the earth, as cozy as a bed

and the sky was the roof over my head.


I had found that love, as in my mother’s lap,

I had achieved something like a feather in my cap.

I laughed and danced as if insane,

and I found myself once again.


Image Credits (for all images): Ankita Das


  • Indranil

    April 28, 2021

    This is a lovely poem! It captures the restoring and healing power of Nature, a theme we’ve seen in William Wordsworth’s work. Nature is really like a mother, and it helps us find ourselves/peace. And the images to complement the writing are wonderful too!

  • Prakash Mardaraj

    June 5, 2021

    Nature are deeply rooted. Keep it up.

  • Chethan C M

    June 13, 2021

    Nice poem showing the relationship between one’s emotional attachment with the nature 👏

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